All About Sarah Rafferty's 2 Daughters, Oona Gray and Iris Friday

Sarah Rafferty has appeared in many beloved series like "Suits," "Grey's Anatomy," and "Chicago Med." Up next, she's set to star in Netflix's "My Life With the Walter Boys," in which she'll play matriarch Dr. Katherine Walter, who is the mother of 10 boys and married to rancher George, played by Marc Blucas. Similar to her character, Rafferty is also a mom in real life. Rafferty and her husband, Santtu Seppälä, are the parents of two girls. Their oldest daughter is named Oona Gray, and their youngest daughter is named Iris Friday.

While Rafferty may constantly be in the spotlight, her family prefer to stay away from the cameras. According to her husband's LinkedIn page, Seppälä is a businessman in Los Angeles. And despite the fact the couple have been married since 2001, Rafferty and Seppälä make very few public appearances together. In May 2018, the pair notably attended Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding together.

Fans have only continued to get a glimpse into Rafferty and Seppälä's family life on Instagram. However, since the couple are protective when it comes to their kids, Rafferty has only shared a handful of details about Oona and Iris.

Keep reading for everything we know about Rafferty's kids.

Sarah Rafferty's Oldest Daughter, Oona Gray

After getting married in June 2001, Rafferty and Seppälä waited six years to expand their family. The pair's first daughter, Oona Gray, arrived in Oct. 22, 2007. Ever since she was born, Rafferty and Seppälä have kept Oona mostly out of the spotlight. Although the "Suits" star posts about Oona on her Instagram, the actor makes sure her daughter's face is never fully shown.

In October 2020, Rafferty celebrated Oona's 13th birthday by sharing a photo of her that only showed her from the chin down. "How did that happen? We officially have a teenager. We love her so much we must sing it from the mountaintops. My heart hurts. ❤️," Rafferty captioned her post, which featured Oona getting ready to blow out her candles.

Over the years, we've learned a little bit about Oona through Rafferty's Instagram posts. It seems Oona loves to travel and spend time outdoors with her family. Rafferty has shared pictures of Oona going on a nature walk in Arizona, bike riding in Paris, and canoeing in Vermont. Oona also enjoys spending time with the family's dog, Rupert, and is the best big sister to Iris. In November 2019, Iris wrote a letter to Oona in honor of Thanksgiving. "I am thankful for my sister because she gives me a napkin when my ice cream drips," she wrote.

Sarah Rafferty's Youngest Daughter, Iris Friday

Rafferty and Seppälä welcomed their second daughter, Iris Friday, on Jan. 27, 2012. Similar to Oona, Rafferty and Seppälä keep Iris's face hidden on social media and only occasionally share details about her.

Based on Rafferty's Instagram, we know Iris enjoys getting her makeup done, spending time with her grandparents, and playing dress-up. She also appears to be a bookworm and is especially a big fan of the Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia series. Iris also seems to love all things nature, like taking walks on the beach, climbing trees, and going horseback riding.

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