Ellen and Sean Hayes Have a "Battle of the Gays" That Will Make You Laugh as Hard as They Do

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Sean Hayes stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday to talk about Will and Grace, and what started as a bit of reminiscing quickly turned into what Ellen called "a battle of the gays." Through tears of laughter, Ellen and Sean dished out compliments and compared résumés, taking digs at each other and joking about each other's careers.

Ellen asked how long Sean was on Will and Grace before it went off the air for the fist time, and he said, "I think it was longer than your sitcom was on." The sitcom Ellen was canceled in 1998, soon after its lead character came out as gay — a hugely important moment for LGBTQ+ representation at the time. Ellen joked, "Yeah, that's right, I had to come out first for y'all to do that sitcom." Watch the two go at it in the hilarious interview above.