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Reactions to Will and Grace Premiere

15 Reactions to the Hilarious and Heartwarming Will & Grace Premiere

Image Source: NBC

Eleven years after the series finale, Will & Grace returned to our lives on Thursday night with the premiere of the highly anticipated reboot. We were brought right back to Will and Grace's NYC apartment and treated to Karen's hilarious one-liners and Jack's signature attitude. The chemistry between the main four picked up right where it left off, and they also addressed the unpopular 2006 series finale (spoiler: Karen dreamed it all). While most people were excited to have the iconic TV show back in their living rooms, others weren't happy about the strong political messages in the premiere.

Will & Grace, which was a groundbreaking show during its first run due to its main gay characters and unfiltered jokes, got the green light for the reboot due to politics. After reuniting last year in an ad that encouraged people to vote in the 2016 presidential election, the overwhelming response inspired NBC to bring it back for good. One of the show's creators, David Kohan, told Variety that they want to continue to advocate for gay rights with the reboot, saying, "[The characters] have their opinions and their attitudes, their judgments of what's going on in the world. They're going to definitely say things. I think that's been one of the hallmarks of the show."

See the best reactions from the premiere below.

But there were also a few people who weren't feeling it:

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