Seth Rogen Says Goodbye to His 13-Year-Old Dog, Zelda: "We Will Miss Her Forever"

On May 8, Seth Rogen shared the sad news that his 13-year-old dog, Zelda, has crossed over the rainbow bridge. After spending over a decade together, Rogen posted a heartbreaking tribute to the beloved Cavalier King Charles spaniel on his Instagram account. "We said goodbye to our perfect girl Zelda on Thursday, May 4th. She was almost 14 years old," Rogen began. "She was truly the most special, magical creature. She taught us about love, resilience, strength, and kindness. We loved her more than words can describe."

"She was so judgmental, that when she loved you, you really knew you earned it, and it made you feel like you had won."

The gallery featured photos of Rogen and his wife, Lauren Miller, with Zelda over the years. From nature walks and family beach days to times spent on movie sets, the trio's cache of happy memories seems boundless. Rogen recalled traveling with Zelda to multiple countries, appearing with her on two magazine covers, and even starring in movies together. During her life, Zelda racked up an impressive filmography, including "The Interview" and "This Is the End" with Rogen and "For a Good Time, Call . . ." with Miller.

In honor of all the special times they've shared together, Rogen took the time to list out some of his personal favorite qualities about Zelda. "The sound she made for Zankou chicken," he wrote. "The way the fur on her legs looks like culottes from the back. Her leave me alone side eye." Among other traits, Rogen also admired Zelda's airport etiquette, her masterful food-stealing techniques, her love for treats, and her exuberant energy. "The way she pounced on seaweed and her paws left tracks in the sand. And then she'd 'kill it' and ask to take it home," he continued. "How incredible it felt to wake up in the morning and see her [staring] back at me."

The news of Zelda's death comes just over a month after Rogen opened up about his decision not to have children. In past interviews, Miller and Rogen always referred to Zelda as their child, and Rogen has made clear that the loss of their pet has been hard to overcome. "Everyone who met her saw what a unique little puppy she was," he wrote. "She'd stare in to your soul with her gigantic buggy eyes. She was so judgmental, that when she loved you, you really knew you earned it, and it made you feel like you had won."

While Zelda was a small dog, she clearly had a huge impact on her humans. Closing out the touching message, Rogen added, "We belonged to each other and we will miss her forever."

Seth Rogen's Dog, Zelda