30 Reasons You Shouldn't Apologize For Having a Crush on Alec Baldwin

Why do you think the characters in Clueless called hot guys "Baldwins"? Back in the '80s and '90s, Alec and his brothers were the equivalent of today's Hemsworths when it came to serving up sexiness as a family. But Alec . . . oh, Alec. That strong jaw. The dark hair. Those piercing blue eyes that could just cut right through you. On shows like Knots Landing and films like Malice, The Hunt For Red October, Glengarry Glen Ross, and even Beetlejuice, Alec Baldwin was it. I refuse to sit here and pretend that he doesn't give off "daddy" vibes and that I don't still find him attractive (when he's not dressed up as Donald Trump or voicing a cartoon baby) — because, yes, his hair may be a shimmery shade of gray now, but those baby blues can still stare right into your soul. These 30 photos are all the reasons you need to keep harboring that Baldwin crush.