This Commercial About "Hockey Butt" Can't Even Be Described, It Simply Must Be Seen

"Every time I bend down I feel like I'm going to bust through the seams," said professional hockey player Dylan Larkin. (Do we now have your attention?) The 23-year-old Detroit Red Wings player is the star of an instantly iconic commercial for State and Liberty, a men's clothing brand with athletic builds in mind. In it, Dylan bemoans the difficulty in shopping for pants when you have "hockey butt."

What is hockey butt? In what appears to be a phrase made up by Saturday Night Live's Stefon, it's that thing where you "have relatively small waists, and big quads, big thighs, and big butt." Cue the endless slo-mo close-ups of Dylan testing out his State and Liberty dress pants by doing several exaggerated squats and lunges, you know, for science. Watch the very important PSA above.