Sterling K. Brown's 2 Sons, Andrew and Amaré, Are the Highlights of His Instagram Page

Sterling K. Brown is one proud father! The "This Is Us" alum and "Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul." star has two sons, Andrew and Amaré, with wife Ryan Michelle Bathe, whom he married in 2006, and the pair love to show off their boys on social media.

As if Brown's Instagram page isn't enough proof that he's a doting dad, he's also been candid about his role as a parent in past interviews. Speaking with Sunday Today in November 2019, the actor revealed how his relationship with his late father — whom he lost when he was 10 years old — impacted his perception of how fathers and sons connect with one another. "I think the whole dynamic of fathers and sons is one that resonates with me and is resonating really strong right now," he said.

Nearly two years later, in an interview with SheKnows, Brown told the outlet that "the best example of fatherhood — the best example of parenthood, Black, white, whatever you may be — is an individual who recognizes that their child came to them fully formed and that we're not trying to shape them into our image, but help them grow into the best version of who they are themselves. . . . That's what I'm hoping to do for my children. And I think that's our job, to raise kids to be the best version of who they already are."

Ahead, learn more about Brown's sons, and see all their family photos.

Sterling K. Brown's Son Andrew

Brown and his wife welcomed their son Andrew Jason Sterling Brown on June 30, 2011, five years after they wed, and he was actually born right at home. In an October 2017 tweet, during an emotional episode of "This Is Us," Brown revealed, "An unexpected home delivery is something my wife and I went through ourselves with our first born, so this was round 2 for me! #ThisIsUs."

Years later, the couple still share cute tidbits about their family of four online. "My baby turns TEN today. Oh Andrew, thank you for making me a mommy," Bathe captioned a throwback photo of Andrew in a June 2021 Instagram post. "Thank you for being thoroughly awesome!"

Sterling K. Brown's Son Amaré

Brown and Bathe welcomed their second child, Amaré Michael Ryan Christian Brown, on Sept. 16, 2015, just a year before the former's NBC drama became a hit. Though the actor hasn't said much about his son in interviews, he makes up for it with all the photos and videos he shares of Amaré on social media. In an August Instagram post, he bragged about seeing his boys off for their first day of school.

"When I was a kid, my mom would frequently say '18 years goes by real fast.' I think she knew that once I graduated, life would take me someplace other than home. And there was joy for what the future would hold, but also a bitter sweetness in knowing that our time under the same roof would be limited," he wrote in a caption. "Today, is the beginning of 6th grade and 1st grade. And I know exactly what my mom meant! #TimeFliesWhenYoureSurroundedByLove❤️."

Pictures of Sterling K. Brown and His Sons, Andrew and Amaré