8 Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert Quotes That Prove Exactly Why They're Inseparable

We've been swooning over power couple Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert since they went public with their relationship in 2014. Whether they're making music together or sharing an adorable family moment on one of their reality series, it's hard not to feel just a little bit jealous of the duo. The love they share for one another, and their family, is evident in nearly everything they do. In honor of their new E! show, We Got Love Teyana & Iman, which premiered on Aug. 18, we decided to relive some of their best quotes about each other and their relationship. You can read them for yourself ahead.

Teyana Taylor's Quotes About Iman Shumpert
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Teyana Taylor's Quotes About Iman Shumpert

  • On Iman being her best friend: "When I tell you this is really, really, really, really my homie and my best friend, like, when we link back up, the link-up is real. I want more you time. I want to be around you. We are super busy. This is what half our arguments used to be about, just missing each other and wanting to be around each other."
  • On collaborating with Iman musically: "It's not anything that's like forced or I didn't feel like I was forced to put him on my album. I don't feel like, you know, I forced him to put me on his stuff. You know what I'm saying? We kind of just like, 'Aye, bae, you tryna hop on this track real quick? This the one. I like this right here' . . . I love the fact that we move as best friends and do what's right."
  • On falling in love with Iman: "When a female catch butterflies, you know it's real. Because up to that moment, I didn't like him on that level . . . When you catch butterflies, it's almost like do you run away from it and get scared and miss out on love or do you just follow your gut?"
  • On working through the tough times: "But I think what has made us strong is we have put [in] a lot of years and a lot of love. So it was like, at this point, nobody can really break us apart. We don't have any struggle with regards to that because it's like people's stories aren't good enough. It's almost like, 'OK, you said you did this,' literally me, him, and Junie were just at practice, [or] we were just at my soundcheck, so when does he have time to do that?"
Iman Shumpert's Quotes About Teyana Taylor
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Iman Shumpert's Quotes About Teyana Taylor

  • On loving Teyana's music: "I think she fails to realize that I really enjoy music, and she makes music that I've always listened to, that type of vibe. When she makes songs, they get stuck in my head quick. I get that we're married, but if I like the song, I'm not going to be like, 'Oh, I'm not going to sing it because I don't want to seem like I like my wife's song too much.'"
  • On how he knew he was in love with Teyana: "I always had strong feelings toward the mother I thought she could be."
  • On the important role Teyana plays in his life: "Taken back thinking about you today. To know that you gave up all your doubts and fears to be a mother. See you . . . you chose the next step and gave yourself up twice; without an expectation of anything in return but the chance that two new hearts could beat to their own song. They give u with the most unconditional love that you can ever fathom and you were nice enough to comp me front row seats! Those little girls show me everyday through their smiles how happy they are YOU are their mommy. You couldn't have birthed two prettier little girls and they couldn't have picked a better vehicle to pull up, to this thing we call life, in!"
  • On figuring things out as they go: "We go thru so much . . . we don't walk perfect in this sh*t or act like sh*t ain't hard . . . we just figure it out and do for our kids . . . we only ever wanted love around u."