Tom Hardy Says What We're All Thinking, Refers to Prince Harry as a "F*cking Legend"

Tom Hardy's recent Esquire interview served up a number of gems, including the story of him helping a woman he found bleeding on the street, midway through the interview itself. But what we weren't expecting was for the actor to open up about his friend Prince Harry. Tom and his wife, Charlotte, attended the royal wedding back in May, and while Tom wouldn't comment on that, calling it "deeply private," he didn't hold back when describing the prince, saying, "Harry is a f*cking legend."

Tom and Harry have crossed paths many times over the years and actually share a birthday, Sept. 15 (though Tom's got seven years on his royal pal). We've seen them hanging out on many occasions, from polo matches to movie premieres. Plus, Tom is an ambassador for The Prince's Trust, which was founded by Harry's dad, Prince Charles.

As well as giving us insight into his relationship with the prince, the Esquire cover story also gave us some very hot new photos of the actor, including two covers (one for the US market and one for the UK). Double the Tom? What's not to love. Keep reading to see the pictures for yourself.