The Reason Behind Tracee Ellis Ross and SZA's Pose in This Photo Is Hilarious

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The headpieces and hair accessories at the Met Gala were pretty epic, but they doesn't come without accident risk. In Tracee Ellis Ross's recent interview with Conan, she revealed a little accident she and SZA encountered during a rule-breaking selfie during the evening. "So we took a selfie together and I don't know if you can tell but that beautiful headpiece she has on was so sharp on the ends, and in our selfie she caught onto a tuft of my hair. . . so when a photographer came over to take our picture I was like 'I'm not falling for that sh*t again,'" Tracee hilariously explained.

In the photo taken together, you can see Tracee gracefully keeping her beautiful hair away from SZA's dazzling-but-dangerous headpiece. She ended the anecdote by saying, "I will not lose an eye, not even for SZA!"