It's Almost Freaky How Much We Love Vanessa Hudgens's Freak Show Halloween Costume

Vanessa Hudgens is an actress, a singer, and the better half of Austin Butler, but she also holds a title that many other celebrities only wish they could obtain: she's the freaking queen of October. As soon as midnight hits on Oct. 1 every year, Vanessa starts flooding her Instagram with spooky photos, creepy quotes, and her many Halloween costumes. Literally, our girl wastes no time getting into the terrifying spirit, and we love her so much for it.

Now that the final witching hour, aka Halloween, is here, you better believe Vanessa has kicked her costumes into high gear. A few weeks after she and her friend dressed as characters from The Craft, she threw a freak-show-themed party, where she and Austin went as members of the circus. She also donned a masquerade-ball-inspired outfit for another party earlier this month. Keep reading to see more of Vanessa's epic Halloween.

Vanessa as Nancy Downs From The Craft

Vanessa as Nancy Downs From The Craft

Vanessa as a Masquerade Ball Queen

Vanessa as a Member of a Circus Freak Show

Vanessa and Austin as Members of a Circus Freak Show