Get to Know "Pieces of Her" Actor Jacob Scipio

The upcoming Netflix thriller series "Pieces of Her" tells the story of Andy (Bella Heathcote), a woman who uncovers the secrets to her mother's dark past after a violent attack in her small town. Adapted from the eponymous book by Karin Slaughter, the series hit Netflix on Friday, March 4. While the project is packed with a star-studded cast, including Jessica Barden from "The End of the F***ing World" and the Toni Collette, Jacob Scipio — who plays Michael Vargas, an enigmatic stranger on Andy's trail as she searches for answers — understandably caught viewers' eyes.

While you may not be familiar with the British actor, you will be soon. He's acted in a handful of movies and TV shows, including "Some Girls" and the UK version of "As the Bell Rings," but he's most known for his role of antagonist Armando Aretas in the 2020 action comedy "Bad Boys For Life." Something tells us his role in "Pieces of Her" will be another standout on his résum.

There's a lot more to Scipio than meets the eye. Ahead, we've rounded up five interesting facts about the 29-year-old actor before "Pieces of Her." Read on to learn more about the actor.

Jacob Scipio Has Been Acting Since He Was 9 Months Old

Scipio's been under the spotlight for almost his entire life now. His first acting credit came at the age of 9 months when he made an appearance as Julie Walters's adopted son in "Bambino Mio." His other childhood roles include an appearance in the 2002 British series "White Teeth," a clip of which he shared on Instagram (watch above).

Jacob Scipio Is Trained in Martial Arts
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Jacob Scipio Is Trained in Martial Arts

Throughout his acting career, Scipio has honed his skills in jiu-jitsu and boxing. When working on "The Outpost" in 2019, the British-born actor underwent intense physical training, and that hard work paid off when Scipio filmed 2020's "Bad Boys For Life," which saw him go head to head with Will Smith.

Scipio shared in an interview with Comic Book Movie that boxing runs in the family. "Boxing is a huge part of my family life. My great granddad was on the first televised boxing match in history — Archie Sexton, he found 222 fights. His eye got thumbed out, so he died with a glass eye and had like half a kidney. So, yeah, boxing definitely was in the family. To be able to throw down with Will Smith was definitely a fun experience."

Jacob Scipio Didn't Know What Role He Was Auditioning For in “Bad Boys For Life”

Scipio's role in "Bad Boys For Life" was a pleasant surprise to him, as he didn't know he would be cast as the son of Smith's character, Mike.

While chatting with the producers during his callback interview, he put two and two together. "So, I tell them about my training, and the whole time, they were kind of looking at me just like, 'Yeah, maybe he does kind of look a little bit like Will. We should get him in the room with Will,'" he said in a chat with Geeks of Color. "And the more they're saying, I'm like, first of all, there's only one Will. Second of all, why are they comparing me to him? And then I'm like, oh sh*t. I might be Will's son in this, but they haven't told me that. I'm just thinking I'm smart and figuring it all out, anyway, so long story short: I get to go in the room with Will Smith."

Jacob Scipio Cofounded CPO Productions

Scipio cofounded an independent management and production company with his brother, Taylor, called CPO Productions. The London-based company focuses on film, television, and music. The Scipio brothers first collaborated on their 2004 project, "The Incredible Adventures of Master Marley," which was helmed and written by Taylor with Jacob starring in the short movie when he was just 11 years old.

Jacob Scipio Is Also a Screenwriter

Jacob Scipio Is Also a Screenwriter

Other than acting, Scipio has a couple of screenwriting credits to his name as well. The actor wrote and starred in two short movies. "Cowboys & Angels" is about a mute child named Troy who lives an isolated life with his alcoholic father and finds solace in his Spaghetti Western fantasies. Those fantasies come to life when he meets Angel, an outlaw on the run from her partner, and they work together to help one another escape their situations. Scipio's second film, "The Writers Group" (2018), premiered at the Cannes Court Métrage and explores a writers' room filled with writers from all different walks of life. You can watch both films on the CPO website.