Keanu Reeves's Mom Has an Incredible History in the Film Industry

Getty | Amy Sussman

As an all-around nice guy and beloved actor, Keanu Reeves proves time and time, again, why he's Hollywood's favorite heartthrob. Oh, and did we also mention, he loves his mom?

So much so, in fact, that instead of using the Oscars as an excuse for a superfancy date night back in 2020, Reeves brought his mom, Patricia Taylor. Although some viewers didn't recognize Taylor at the time — and some even thought she was his girlfriend Alexandra Grant — she's actually a member of the film industry herself.

Taylor, 79, is a costume and production designer who's worked with major stars throughout the course of her career. According to her IMDB page, she's not just limited her career to the movies, either: before becoming a designer, she was a showgirl, and her famous costume clients have included Alice Cooper and Dolly Parton. Check out some of the best pictures of the proud mom-and-son duo ahead.