Zendaya Appears to Be Enjoying the Single Life, and You Know What? We Support It

Zendaya is one of Instagram's highest-ranking social media influencers, a powerful advocate for reassessing Hollywood's limited beauty standards, and the lead of HBO's Euphoria — when in the world would she have time to date? The stunning 24-year-old former Disney Channel star is one celebrity who has largely succeeded in keeping her personal life private, but thankfully, we still get little tidbits about her romantic life from time to time. Though it appears she's been enjoying the single life as of late, Zendaya has been rumored to have a few more-than-friends in her life.

The first: fellow Disney star Trevor Jackson. Though they'd known each other for a while, Zendaya didn't start seriously "hanging out" with Trevor until 2012, when the two were rumored to have begun a four-year relationship. Fans definitely saw sparks flying in Trevor's 2013 music video for "Like We Grown," where Zendaya played his love interest, yet the pair always insisted the chemistry was merely platonic. At Trevor's 18th birthday party, Zendaya addressed the rumors head-on, denying anything more than a close friendship. "There's going to be those [rumors]," Zendaya told HipHollywood at the event. "But he's my best friend in the whole world. I love him to death . . . That's all it is." Sure, Jan.

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However, despite all the denial, Zendaya opened up about having a secret boyfriend for four years in an interview with Vogue back in 2017. She never named Trevor, but fans had a pretty good feeling that he was the mystery man in question. "It was my first love," she said. "It wasn't a good ending. You know you're OK in a breakup when your first thought is not, 'What did I do wrong?' It's, 'That was the dumbest decision of your life, and you're going to regret it forever.'" Yikes. After ending things in 2016, both parties unfollowed each other on social media, which — for millennials — means it's definitely over.

Trevor hasn't been the only rumored guy in Zendaya's life — there is also her Spider-Man: Homecoming costar Tom Holland, whom Zendaya is believed to have begun dating as early as July 2017. Just like with Trevor, both parties denied anything but a friendship between them, but an Instagram comment made by Zendaya's close friend Skai Jackson's mother, Kiya Cole, back in September 2018 is believed to have confirmed the rumors (though the comment was deleted soon after posting). After JustJared posted about Zendaya celebrating her 22nd birthday with her "rumored real-life boyfriend" and a fan mocked the caption, Kiya responded with, "Yes. It's true. They been on the low for a while." Excusez-moi?

Tom and Zendaya have always laughed it off, with Tom posting an Instagram soon after Kiya's comment insisting Zendaya was just a "mate" and Zendaya previously tweeting about the supposed vacations the two have been on together, despite not having been on a vacation in years. The actress also shut down the relationship rumors in an interview with Variety when she was questioned about the possibility of a Tom romance. "He's a great dude," she said. "He's literally one of my best friends." Sounds suspiciously similar to what she said about Trevor, but we're going to take Zendaya at her word on this one.

In August 2019, Zendaya was seen vacationing in Greece with Euphoria costar Jacob Elordi. Romantic rumors started immediately, but Jacob was quick to shut them down, telling GQ Australia that Zendaya is like a "sister" to him. "Zendaya is an amazing creative, you know? She's super dope to work with. She's an incredible artist and a very caring person to all of us," he said. "But we're all really close. There is not one weak link in that show. We've spent so much time together and everyone is just so cool to work with." Zendaya also addressed their relationship while honoring him at the American Australian Association Arts Awards, calling him her "best friend." However, in February 2020, the two were spotted kissing in the Big Apple, so there's that. Still, the duo never confirmed their relationship, and Jacob now appears to have a romance with model Kaia Gerber, as they were spotted hanging out several times in September.