31 Best '80s Couples' Costume Ideas For Halloween

You might want to take a chill pill, because these couples costumes will make your Halloween totally b*tchin' in all the right ways. If you love the '80s, whether that be the rad movies, cool TV shows, righteous music, or just the era itself, you'll freak out when you see these costume ideas that were based on the coolest decade yet.

From the iconic characters of "Dirty Dancing" and the best scene from "E.T." to '80s prom looks that will make you nostalgic for high school, these Halloween costume ideas will take you all the way back in time. So grab your partner and get stoked, because these '80s-themed costumes are better than bodacious.


'80s Couples Costumes: Batman and the Joker From "Batman"

If you're looking to have a love-to-hate-you vibe with your couple costume this year, try dressing up as Batman and his most formidable foe: the Joker.


'80s Couples Costumes: Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit From "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"

Don white and red formal wear plus some bunny ears to capture this "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" couple look.


'80s Couples Costumes: Tony Montana and Elvira Hancock From "Scarface"

One person can pair a white blazer with some black slacks while the other dons a floor-length blue gown to achieve this super simple, but impactful, "Scarface" couples costume.


'80s Couples Costumes: Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz From "Beetlejuice"

Achieving this look is as simple as wearing red formal wear from head to toe and teasing your hair until there's volume for days. Make sure whoever's dressing as Beetlejuice paints his face white and has green hair (a wig will do if you don't have temp hairspray to pull off the look).


'80s Couples Costumes: Han Solo and Princess Leia From "Star Wars"

Whoever's dressing up as Princess Leia should wear a white miniskirt and crop top with some white pointy-toed booties, while the night's Han Solo can carry around a laser gun (aka, a water gun) while wearing a black zip-up sweater vest.


'80s Couples Costumes: Doc Brown and Marty McFly From "Back to the Future"

If only one person is into the Halloween costume thing, they can wear Doc Brown's futuristic jumpsuit and silver wig while the other can throw on a zip-up vest and carry a skateboard to pull off Marty McFly without too much effort.


'80s Couples Costumes: Salt-N-Pepa

Contrasting, sleek, red and black '80s-inspired garb is essential to pull off this Salt-N-Pepper look, but don't forget some flashy jewelry, like large gold hoop earrings and a gold chain.


'80s Couples Costumes: Lane and Beth From "Better Off Dead"

Whoever's dressing up as Beth has it easy: wear a tan winter jacket and some white sunglasses on your head. Our Lane will have to put in a bit more work by DIYing his Pig Burger work uniform, including a chef's hat with pig ears and a pig nose.


'80s Couples Costumes: Elliot and Gertie From "E.T."

If you're looking to bring your dog or cat along, Elliot and Gertie from "E.T." is the perfect couples costume. Just wrap your pet in a white towel and carry them around in a crate with you all night!


'80s Couples Costumes: Kimmy and DJ From "Full House"

The ultimate simple '80s costume: Just throw on a yellow sweater and some jean shorts or a loud floral dress. The key to finishing off this look is teasing your hair to infinity and beyond. Then, add a scrunchy for extra '80s dramatic effect.


'80s Couples Costumes: Bill and Ted From "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure"

The night's Bill can pair a sweater crop top with some jeans and a plaid button-down tied around their waist, while our Ted needs to wear a black vest with a graphic tee and some shorts.


'80s Couples Costumes: Ferris and Sloane From "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

Pulling off Ferris Bueler's look is all in his tan and black sweater vest, while Sloan's is all about her tasseled white jacket.


'80s Couples Costumes: Westley and Buttercup From "The Princess Bride"

If one of you wears all black while the other wears a floor-length, loose-fitting red dress, you'll have people shouting "As you wish!" all night with minimal effort.


'80s Couples Costumes: Ninja Turtles

Throw on green sleeveless T-shirts and then wear different-colored eye masks to re-create these Ninja Turtles costumes.


'80s Couples Costumes: Mario and Luigi

Any gamer will appreciate this classic video-game getup because Mario and Luigi are timeless.


'80s Couples Costumes: Mixed Tape and Rubik's Cube

Grab a cardboard box and multicolored construction paper and DIY yourself a Rubik's cube costume.


'80s Couples Costumes: Jareth and Sarah From "Labyrinth"

Channel David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly's "Labriynth" characters with a poofy, white sparkly dress and a bedazzled, Victorian-era suit. Just make sure the person taking on the role of Jareth wears a spiky blond wig.


'80s Couples Costumes: Baby and Johnny From "Dirty Dancing"

Dressing up as Baby and Johnny from "Dirty Dancing" is simple enough (her pink dress and his all-black outfit), so the real challenge will be pulling off their dance moves at the Halloween party!


'80s Couples Costumes: '80s Prom Couple

Does your mom have her old-school prom or wedding dress lying around? If so, throw it on and tease out your hair to transport yourself back to the '80s.


'80s Couples Costumes: Joan Jett and Cherie Currie

Emo kids, you'll love Joan Jett and Cherie Currie's vibe. Pair black leather pants and blazers with a leopard-print leotard, wear blue eyeshadow with heavy black eyeliner, and then curl your hair in an '80s style.


'80s Couples Costumes: Andie and Duckie From "Pretty in Pink"

For Andie, wear a pink . . . well, anything really! Throughout the film, she rocked pink blouses, dresses, skirts, and more. For Duckie, wear really loud contrasting colors with a brown blazer or bomber jacket. Like many of these '80s-inspired costumes: teasing out your hair is a must.


'80s Couples Costumes: Devo

This costume is all in the hat: Order a red dome hat online (or DIY it yourself with some cardboard or foam), pair it with a monochromatic outfit, and you're Devo!


'80s Couples Costumes: Prince and Michael Jackson

If one of you is a Prince stan while the other prefers the King of Pop, try dressing up as them this Halloween.


'80s Couples Costumes: Smurfettes

Wear a white dress and cap with a blond wig, paint your skin blue, and you've turned yourself into a Smurfette!


'80s Couples Costumes: He-Man and She-Ra

If you don't mind spending on a costume, being He-Man and She-Ra is a great '80s-inspired option.


'80s Couples Costumes: "Poltergeist"

Wear a flowy white night gown, some fuzzy slippers, and a blond wig while carrying around a poster of a TV set to transform into Carol Ann from "Poltergeist."


'80s Couples Costumes: Chucky and His Victim

If you really want to creep people out this Halloween, dress like Chucky by wearing a red wig, a rainbow-striped shirt, and some overalls.


'80s Couples Costumes: "Troop Beverly Hills"

Have a green beret lying around? Throw that on with a tan blouse and skirt, and top it off with a green scarf, to be a "Troop Beverly Hills" wilderness girl this Halloween.


'80s Couples Costumes: "Karate Kid"

If you have a karate uniform lying around, you've got a "Karate Kid" costume ready to go.


'80s Couples Costumes: Falkor and Childlike Empress From "The NeverEnding Story"

Take a fantastical ride on Falkor this Halloween by wrapping a white dog plushy around your waste. If you'd rather be "The NeverEnding Story"'s Childlike Empress, don a white maxi dress and wear gold jewelry accents.