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Books About Summer Vacation

18 Books That Are Better Than a Summer Vacation

Books About Summer Vacation

Summer is synonymous with vacation, but that doesn't mean everyone will jet off to fabulous beaches or exotic locales just because the weather is getting warmer. Sometimes you can't take time off from work, or a getaway simply isn't in the budget. That doesn't mean you have to settle for nursing vacation envy while you scroll through your Instagram feed. Instead, you can pick up a book that's way better than a Summer vacation, because let's face it: No matter how great a trip is in real life, they all come with their downsides (jellyfish stings, standing in endless lines at amusement parks, all of the sunburn). Books provide all of the adventure, romance, and fun without any of the mosquito bites or plane delays.

The books on this list all feature characters who are hitting the road so that you don't have to. From an unexpected honeymoon for a decidedly not married couple to three sisters' emotional pilgrimage to India, these novels are the perfect antidote to your Summer blues.

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