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POPSUGAR Book Club Facebook Group

Join POPSUGAR's Exclusive Virtual Book Club From the Comfort of Home!

In desperate need of a book rec for the weekend? Looking for someone to discuss whether shows like Bridgerton, The Undoing, and The Queen's Gambit are as good as the novels? On the hunt for your next read to check off the 2021 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge? Yeah, same!

Presenting POPSUGAR Book Club! We hope you'll join and get in on the daily conversations, exclusive live author Q&As, and readers' choice awards. What is so cool about this community is that we are not the only ones asking and answering questions. Readers from all over the world are sharing their own book obsessions.

As a book devotee who spends a fair amount of time reading in my spare time, writing about books for POPSUGAR, and discussing what I've read and want to read in not one but two book clubs, nothing gets me more excited than book discussions, from arguing the merits of book adaptions and swapping reading recs to laughing at a spot-on meme about the plight of being a book-lover.

In my opinion, book people are good people, and there are a lot of good people here at POPSUGAR! So this crew of like-minded readers wanted to expand our community of page-turners with a new Facebook group, where you can get in on the action and chat about all things books with POPSUGAR editors and fellow readers.

Don't waste another second missing out on all of the fun, and join here now! See you on Facebook, bookworms!

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lauren Perlstein
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