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The Conners Season 1 Trailer

The Conners: This Sneak Peek Gives a Look at Their Life Post-Roseanne

The series premiere of The Conners is drawing nearer, and ABC is graciously gifting us with more looks at the upcoming season. The new show will focus on the iconic TV family as they deal with the everyday struggles of life, and the recently dropped teaser gives us a taste of what that's like. Whether it's watching Darlene (Sara Gilbert) and Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) plan ahead for the holidays or catching a brief glimpse of the family together at church, it's obvious that life goes on for the Conners, with or without Roseanne.

Though the network has remained mum on how it'll deal with Roseanne's absence after the cancellation of the Roseanne reboot, Roseanne Barr herself has said that the Conner matriarch is going to die of an overdose. Whether or not she's right, it looks like her absence hasn't stopped the show from moving forward; there's already lots to look forward to in The Conners' first season. Not only do we have the return of Johnny Galecki as David Healy, but David will also be bringing along a new girlfriend named Blue, played by Juliette Lewis! Watch the sneak peek above, and get ready for The Conners' series premiere on Oct. 16.

Image Source: ABC
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