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Will Daenerys Kill Jon Snow on Game of Thrones?

Here's Why Daenerys Will Be Forced to Kill Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Season 8

The story of Azor Ahai has been looming over Game of Thrones since the series began. The tale of a warrior who wields a flaming sword and drives away the darkness is so powerful that it drove Melisandre to sacrifice poor Shireen. Ultimately, if the prophecy is true, there's only two real candidates: Daenerys Targaryen or Jon Snow. The show is working extra hard to make people believe that Jon is Azor Ahai reborn, but there are some subtle signs that suggest Daenerys is the true savior that Westeros has been waiting for — and if she is, then she might just be destined to kill Jon Snow.

Reddit user ssoko suggests that Daenerys will kill Jon in order to temper the legendary sword Lightbringer. This feeds into the tale of the original Azor Ahai, who it is said tempered Lightbringer by thrusting the blade into the heart of his wife, Nissa Nissa. The story suggests that it's only through sacrifice that the hero can forge a weapon strong enough to defeat the darkness of the long night. Now, Jon and Daenerys are facing a reality where the Night King and his undead army are threatening every living thing in Westeros, and in their own way, they each possess enough requirements to fulfill the prophecy that heralds the second coming of Azor Ahai.

In the books, Melisandre tells Jon, "When the red star bleeds and the darkness gathers, Azor Ahai shall be born again amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone." Both Daenerys and Jon fit the first part of the prophecy, but only Daenerys can say that she's awoken dragons from stones. (Although, some argue the dragon is figurative, and actually refers to Jon's rebirth — he is a Targaryen, after all, which means he could be seen as the dragon in this analogy, and he was "awkoken" when he returned from the dead.) One thing every Game of Thrones fan knows for sure is that prophecies are rarely ever straightforward on this show, and as such it would be interesting to see Azor Ahai be a woman when everyone is convinced that a man will be the one to save Westeros. So, if Daenerys is Azor Ahai, then would she really kill Jon, given the fact that the two of them have fallen in love? There's no question that she would, especially if Jon doesn't give her a choice. As ssoko writes in their theory:

"First off, there are prophecies suggesting that either one could be Azor Ahai, which both characters are essentially aware of. There's been a lot of discussion of evidence, but I think it's time to take a look at the nature of these two characters, and to note that it's possible that, with prophetic knowledge and their newly-consummated relationship, they get a chance to CHOOSE who is sacrificed to wield Lightbringer. And who would make that ultimate sacrifice?"

Jon is a man of honor. Like his adoptive father, Ned, he lives and dies by his word. He has no true interest in ruling, but he will do it if he feels duty bound. By contrast, Daenerys believes she was born to rule. She's liberated cities, made tough life or death choices, and rallied a loyal army behind her. Even though she doesn't wield a sword the way that Jon does, she's still a warrior. If Jon's faced with the choice between saving the world and saving the woman he loves, he's probably going to try to find a way to do both. If Daenerys has to choose between the man she loves and saving the world, well, her history suggests she will choose the world, because she's a realist. She's lost men she loved before, and she knows what it means to make a sacrifice. If she and Jon can choose which of them is Azor Ahai, they'll likely both choose Daenerys, which would mean she would have to kill Jon. And even if they don't get a choice, it still seems far more likely that the Dragon Queen would be the one willing to kill the person she loves for the greater good.

Would the scene be heartbreaking? Absolutely. Would it change the way fans look at Daenerys? Yes it would, which is yet another reason why it's probably true. In a May 2018 interview with Vanity Fair, actress Emilia Clarke revealed a tantalizing hint about her iconic character's final scene. She told the magazine, "It f*cked me up. Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone's mouth of what Daenerys is . . ." Her words hint that the Mother of Dragons is heading toward a path that may shock fans, and even though the show has done a superb job of setting up this potential twist, seeing her drive a sword into Jon's heart in order to secure her power and place in history would no doubt leave some fans aghast. Still, it would stay true to the heart of the character, who puts the needs of the many before her own desires. In the end, she would save the day and sit on the Iron Throne, but she would be sacrificing her chance at happiness in order to secure her place in Westeros' history. It would be a bittersweet ending, but one that's fitting for both Jon and Daenerys.

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