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Honored's Meghan Rienks on Female Friendships

Why You Need Your Female Friends, Especially As You Get Older

Relationships may come and go, but your true girl friends are forever, and as a woman, it can be hard to maintain these valuable bonds. We can get sidetracked with work, love, and honestly, life in general, and this can put a strain on making time for the girls.

I sat down with Meghan Rienks who stars in Honored, a movie all about the growing pains that come with growing up with your best girl friends. It stars an awesome female cast, and it made since to have Meghan give her input on the importance of female friendships, especially as you get older.

Here are the most important things to keep in mind:

  • Always remember to keep a balance between your friends and your significant others. It can be easy to bail on them especially with a hot new romance, but try to keep at least one day a week devoted to your girls to keep that bond strong.
  • College graduation might split you all up, geographically speaking, but thanks to modern technology, they can be right in front of you! Try to keep Skype dates and catch up on all your drama.
  • Never be afraid to be honest with a friend. It's easy to put things off, but it really strains the relationship. Being honest might be hard, but it's totally worth it.
  • Look, we all are busy, but if a friend keeps rescheduling and bailing on you, make sure to tell them it's bothering you. You don't want to constantly be working around them. Remember, friendships are a 50/50 effort.
  • When two mutual friends start fighting, never take sides. Listen and be there for both of them, and give advice, but don't feel like you need to get in the middle. It'll work itself out.
  • It's OK to become distant with a few friends, naturally. We both agreed that the older you get, the closer your friendships become, and that might result in fewer best friends, but it's not a bad thing!

You can check out BTS of Meghan and the rest of the cast on Instagram @HonoredMovie, and don't forget to look for the movie out soon!

Image Source: PopSugar
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