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Will Jackson and Maggie Hook Up on Grey's Anatomy?

Will Jackson and Maggie FINALLY Hook Up on Grey's Anatomy? I Think So

We have quite the "will they, won't they" situation happening on Grey's Anatomy. Ever since the season 13 finale of the show, we've been wondering whether Maggie and Jackson might get together, turning their friendship slash sibling-in-law relationship into a full-fledged romance. Hey, they're not related by blood, so no harm, no foul, right? Now that we're nearing the end of season 14 (meaning it's been almost a year since we got the first whiffs of this potential relationship), it's time to really figure out where this is going. And if you ask me, I think we're seeing a long game play out, meaning it's only a matter of time before they wind up in each other's arms.

In this week's episode, called "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger," I got the distinct impression that we're heading down that path again. Maggie's a bit all over the place; she's helping Richard with salsa lessons, mourning her mother as the first anniversary of her death approaches, and going on dates with a new guy named Clive. Jackson and Maggie exchange some witty banter in which Jackson calls him "Chive," but that's not the moment I got stuck on.

At two separate points in the episode, Maggie attempts to explain the heart device she's developing for the surgery contest that April's running. First she explains it to Clive, then to Jackson. And while Clive scratches his head and tries to wrap his mind around it, Jackson fully understands right away. You can see the visible moment where something clicks for Maggie and she's like, "Jackson just gets it." It's a small moment, but it's definitely one where you could see the cogs moving in her head.

Why is this important? Because Maggie's the one who just pumped the brakes with Jackson in a previous episode. Back in January, there's that whole ordeal where the two are on a helicopter with a patient and they get sprayed head to toe with blood. They rinse off, but since the hospital is being held hostage by hackers, they can't get new scrubs to change into. So, they spend half the day in towels, sizing each other up. At the end, Maggie goes on a Tinder date and tells Jackson that she doesn't think it would work out between them.

Now, it seems a little murkier. As the anniversary of her mother's death approaches, it's possible Maggie is stopping to take stock of her life. Maybe, in this time of reflection, she'll realize that Jackson is who she truly wants to be with. Of course, there are so many mines in this field. I speak for a lot of fans when I say I'm holding out hope for Jackson and April. And, of course, there's the whole sibling thing to consider (plus the ramifications if it doesn't work out). Sit tight, everyone. Things might get a bit dicey as we head toward the finale.

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