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Is Jughead Dead on Riverdale?

Why I Refuse to Accept That This Character Is Dead on Riverdale

Warning: MAJOR spoilers for Riverdale ahead.

Riverdale really loves messing with us. After confirming the identity of the Black Hood during the episode "Judgment Night," the series threw us for another loop with a shocking cliffhanger that probably left a lot of fans screaming at their TVs: Jughead might be dead. It all goes down when Penny Peabody and the Ghoulies come back to wreak havoc on the South side. In the midst of the riots in Riverdale, they offer Jughead a deal: either the Serpents hand over their territory, or they will battle it out the next morning. After realizing that Hiram Lodge is the mastermind behind the whole ordeal, Jughead decides to make him a counter offer: his life for the safety of his loved ones.

He then professes his love to Betty in an emotional phone call before handing himself over to Penny and the Ghoulies for slaughter. Betty connects the dots and calls FP, though it seems like it might be too late. The Serpents (plus Betty and Archie) rush to Penny's hiding spot only to find a beaten and bloody Jughead in the woods. As FP carries his lifeless body, he gives Betty a woeful look as she chokes back sobs. NOOOO!

While the teaser for the season two finale shows Veronica, Betty, and Archie standing at a grave, we have a strong inkling they're not actually attending Jughead's funeral. If you remember, it was confirmed earlier in the episode that Fangs didn't survive the shooting. The simple reason Jughead might not be at the funeral is because he's probably in the hospital — getting badly beat up will do that to you. In addition, some eagle-eyed fans swear it is Jughead who is putting a red Serpent jacket on Cheryl in the teaser. "It's clearly Cole's hand, I know every detail of this man," one fan tweeted.

Even though Cole Sprouse cryptically tweeted "Grateful, thank you #riverdale" following the episode, we're simply not buying it.

Image Source: The CW
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