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Kesha's "Learn to Let Go" Music Video

Kesha Shares Emotional Home Movie Footage in Her Music Video For "Learn to Let Go"

In Kesha's "Learn to Let Go" — the third single off of her highly anticipated third studio album, Rainbow — the talented singer-songwriter dives deep into her past with footage of home movies from her childhood. Like on "Praying" and "Woman," she gets deeply personal about her legal troubles with producer Dr. Luke, with lyrics like "I'm always telling everybody you don't gotta be the victim" and "the past can't hurt me if I don't let it."

Just as she did for her previous two singles, Kesha released an essay to accompany the song (this time with HuffPost), where she explained what went into writing it. "It's about embracing your past, but not letting it define you," she wrote. "It's this idea of reconnecting to my child-like self because that's when you are so full of wonder and joy. You can choose to learn from the bullsh*t along the way but not dwell on it and and instead connect with that joyful childhood innocence."

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