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Megan Cloverfield Short Film

Even at Just 5 Minutes, This Short Cloverfield Film Is Pretty Damn Good

Remember how Netflix dropped The Cloverfield Paradox out of nowhere after the Super Bowl this year? And how it was kind of a confusing mess that barely connected to 2008's Cloverfield? At the time, the takeaway seemed to be that another decent movie in the Cloverfield universe was just not meant to happen. Yes, 10 Cloverfield Lane was a solid entry, but neither film really captured the raw excitement of the first entry into the "franchise." And just when we were about to give up hope, a new addition has suddenly emerged.

Megan is a short film that is not technically part of the Cloverfield canon, at least not yet. That's because it's more of a fan's dedication to the lore of the series than it is an addition with a J.J. Abrams stamp of approval. Megan is directed by Greg Strasz, with writing and story credits by Giuseppe Mercadante, Jean de Meuron, and Strasz himself. At this point, it's merely a "proof of concept" piece, meaning the short clip is meant to demonstrate how effectively the story could function as a feature-length film. But with such a unique take on the franchise and a captivating introduction, we're hoping it gets the big-screen treatment it deserves.

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