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8 Bits of Intel We've Got About the Final Season of Orphan Black

Last Summer, we received word about Orphan Black that was good news and bad news all rolled into one. While we were excited to learn that the show had been renewed for a fifth season, we were pretty bummed out to learn that this next season would also be the last. Luckily for us, Tatiana Maslany has already won her much-deserved Emmy, so we don't have to place too much pressure on this last hurrah. But hey, we have a feeling you'll want to know what you're in for as the show comes to a close. Here's what we've uncovered thus far.

1. The New Cast

In addition to all the faces we know and love, a few new ones will pop up in season five. Variety has reported five major additions: Elyse Levesque (Detective Engers), Andrew Moodie (Mr. Frontenac, a consultant to Rachel), Simu Liu (Kira's new teacher Mr. Mitchell), Jenessa Grant (Mud), and Stephen McHattie (Neolution founder P.T. Westmoreland).

2. The Story

At the end of season four, pretty much every clone's life is hanging in the balance. Cosima is dying from the uncured clone illness, but at least she's with Delphine. Sarah is wounded and stranded on the island. Things are pretty dire, and the official Twitter account has teased a "Final Trip" for the season ahead. It's safe to say everything's going to unravel at once.


At the Paleyfest panel in LA, we learned that a majority of the clones will be on the island in the season premiere.

3. The Final Trailer

In April, BBC released one final trailer. Damn, this looks intense as hell.

4. The Focus

At the Paleyfest panel in March, we learned that a lot of season five would hone in on all the various different characters: "There's a lot of character-specific episodes where we really get to dig into who they [the clones] are," Maslany explained.

5. A New Villain

Did you think Rachel was as bad as it's going to get? It turns out there's a man named P.T. Westmoreland above her who's running the show. He's a Neolutionist who resides on that island and is well over 100 years old.

6. More Rachel Than Ever

If you were waiting for Rachel to rise from the ashes, now is the time. "Rachel is very deep this year and very powerful," revealed cocreator John Fawcett. "We wanted Rachel to rise to the top through her villainy. We've enjoyed finding the deeper aspects and contradictions in the character."

7. The Production

The final season began production in early October 2016. In late March, just before the show's Paleyfest panel, cocreator Graeme Mason revealed that they had wrapped.

8. The Premiere Date

In February, BBC announced that the final episodes would begin airing on June 10. The real question is, are you ready?

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