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Déjà Went HAM on Randall's Car in the This Is Us Finale, and the Internet Can't Handle It


Spoilers ahead for This Is Us season two!

The season two finale of This Is Us gave its viewers a whole lot to digest, and Déjà's storyline is no exception. After Toby's mom incorrectly assumes the teen is Randall and Beth's biological daughter, she goes as far to tell her that she looks just like her dad at Kate's wedding reception. Fast forward a few seconds, and Déjà promptly loses her sh*t in an epic way. The casualty this time around? Randall's Mercedes Benz in the parking lot.

And believe it or not, her smashing in the car's windshield may have an even deeper meaning. Remember when Randall had a heart to heart with her, assuring her that "working hard is what gets you the big house and the fancy car" while she was in the middle of a science project? Looking back, the fact that she paired her response calling him "corny" with an eye roll takes on an entirely new meaning.

Another interesting tidbit? She was 100 percent using one of Jack's old bats to do the damage. In the scene where Kevin and Randall are rounding up all of their late father's old stuff to give to Kate earlier in the episode, the bat is one of the items in the pile.


Even though we're bummed to see Déjà acting out, we can't say we're all that surprised. To be fair, she's had a pretty tough go of it lately, especially because her mom gave up all her parental rights, essentially abandoning her. Twitter agreed, and as you can imagine, people are seriously concerned about her outburst.

One user also expressed what we were all thinking about Toby's mom, who is admittedly very hard to like:

And the flash forward showing an older Randall and a grown-up Tess visiting an unknown "her" didn't help the situation:

Image Source: NBC
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