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Reasons the Hocus Pocus Remake Won't Be as Good

Not to Sound Witchy, but a Modern Hocus Pocus Is a Recipe For Disaster

Reasons the Hocus Pocus Remake Won't Be as Good
Image Source: Everett Collection

I want to start things off by saying: I'm not the sort of person who typically complains about "the good ol' days" of movies. I didn't understand the controversy about a new iteration of Ghostbusters, and I was excited about the sequel to Blade Runner before the overwhelmingly positive reviews began rolling in. I have no problem reprising, reimagining, and recasting classics — sometimes, it's necessary to help beloved franchises appeal to new generations! But when I heard that Disney Channel plans to remake the 1993 Halloween masterpiece Hocus Pocus with a modern spin, I was one of many who reacted with some variation of "hard pass."

Why, you ask? Well, aside from the obvious — there's no way this version will be able to capture the '90s-hot vibe of ghostly heartthrob Thackery Binx — there are several logistical points that make a "modern reimagining" of the original plot nearly impossible. These points might convince you that the remake is a big mistake . . . and Disney should just tap the original cast for a sequel instead.

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