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Santa Clarita Diet Trailer

Santa Clarita Diet: Drew Barrymore's Netflix Show Looks Like Bloody, Batsh*t-Crazy Fun

In real life, cannibalism objectively isn't cool — don't do it. On Netflix, though? It's a riot. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant are the stars of the new comedy Santa Clarita Diet, which follows Sheila (Barrymore) as she dies, is somehow revived, and develops a taste for human flesh. Basically she's a zombie, except . . . not? "Our life was amazing, but something happened to my wife," Olyphant says in a voice-over in the latest trailer, which shows clips of Barrymore covered in vomit, gnawing on disembodied arms, and shrugging off a casual knife to the heart. Netflix is smartly marketing it like a real diet, complete with a commercial that reads like a parody of well-known diet programs. It's funny and gross, and we are here for it. The show will be available on Feb. 5, but until then, check out both trailers!

First trailer:

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