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A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1 Cliffhangers

13 Questions We Have After Finishing A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1

This past weekend, Netflix premiered its new show A Series of Unfortunate Events. Based on the children's books of the same name, the story follows three orphans as they try to keep their inheritance out of the hands of their greedy (and sort of creepy!) guardian Count Olaf. With no help from the oblivious and gullible adults, the siblings are left to their own devices to thwart Count Olaf's persistent attempts, as well as uncover the truth behind the mysterious secret society that shrouds their parents' untimely deaths.

After binge-watching all eight episodes of the first season, my brain is filled with two things: the extremely catchy theme song ("Look awaaay! Loooook awaaaaay!") and a ton of unanswered questions that will undoubtedly keep me up at night. Take a look below to see some of the questions we demand be answered in the second season. Major fans of the books may think that they know the answers to a few, but the show has already taken a few unexpected twists and turns, so you can't be too certain!

1. What is Beatrice's connection to Lemony Snicket?

Each pair of episodes begins with a dedication from Lemony Snicket to Beatrice. Not much is known about their relationship thus far, but Lemony does profess his love for her and hint that she's dead. He also mentions that something happened, making it impossible for them to be together. Beatrice is the name of the Baudelaires' mother, so we can assume that that's who he's talking about. But Lemony Snicket isn't their father. So what happened between Beatrice and Lemony? The only connection we can see is that they're both involved in VFD, so our guess is something within the organization tore them apart. But we'll have to keep watching to see!

2. What's in Peru?

We have no idea! When Mother and Father escape their kidnappers, they find themselves "somewhere south of Winnipeg," later confirmed to be Peru. Furthermore, while at the movies, Uncle Monty receives a coded message instructing him to take the the children on the SS Prospero to Peru (sadly, he never made it). Lastly, when Klaus receives a package from Jacquelyn containing his parents' spyglass, the postage is from Peru. Perhaps Peru is a safe haven for VFD members? Or maybe their headquarters are located there?

3. Who kidnapped the Quagmire parents?

When the parents are first seen at the end of the first episode, they are in a cell wearing handcuffs and are later on shown in something similar to a prison uniform. Viewers never see any other prisoners, or guards for that matter, and their location is ambiguous. While they escape, we have no indication of who exactly they escape from. We assumed for most of the season that the Quagmires were really the Baudelaires, who seem to have a lot of enemies. However, not much is known about the Quagmires or their history. They do seem to be members of the VFD, so perhaps a rival organization had a part in it.

4. Does Aunt Josephine survive?

At the end of "The Wide Window Part Two," Count Olaf throws Aunt Josephine into the lake full of leeches. Having recently eaten a banana, she is (probably) savagely gobbled up like her late husband, Ike, was. However, no body is ever recovered and she was fierce and formidable. Though we aren't necessarily hopeful for her survival, Alfre Woodard did such a fantastic job portraying Aunt Josephine that we hope this isn't the last we see of her!

5. Will we ever see Justice Strauss again?

Though she allows herself to be starstruck and, therefore, temporarily duped by Count Olaf, Justice Strauss is a saving grace for the Baudelaire children. She welcomes them into her home, allows them to use her library (which ultimately saves the day!), and even wants to adopt the Baudelaires. Fortunately, she escaped any mistreatment from Count Olaf, unlike Aunt Josephine and Uncle Monty. We're sure she'll never stop caring for the Baudelaires, so perhaps a visit to the Prufrock Preparatory School is in order.

6. How did the Baudelaires acquire their fortune?

This isn't essential to the plot, per se, but we're dying to know! The fortune is so vast that Count Olaf has gone to such extremes in trying to acquire it, including murder. While we suspect he has ulterior motives for harassing the Baudelaires, we want to know how much money is at stake and how the Baudelaire parents earned it. Their profession is never mentioned, so we have no clue. Maybe they stole it from Count Olaf long ago and he's trying to get it back. (We doubt that this is the case since the parents seemed to be stand-up people.) We'll admit, this one has us stumped.

7. Are those skeletons in Dr. Orwell's office significant?

When the Baudelaire trio sneaks into Dr. Orwell's office in "The Miserable Mill Part Two," they are almost caught and must hide in the closet. When Klaus turns around, he sees three or four skeletons hanging from the ceiling. As Violet points out, Dr. Orwell is an eye doctor and skeletons don't have any eyes, so it's unlikely that she had them for educational purposes. Are they real skeletons and do they belong to anyone we know of? If so, how did they die and come to be shoved in a closet? Maybe they belong to people who discovered her secret hypnosis operation and had to be stopped. Then again, maybe not.

8. Will Mr. Poe ever return?

Aside from Count Olaf, Lemony Snicket, and the Baudelaire children, Mr. Poe is the only character who is seen in every single episode of the first season. At the end of the season, he drops the children off at boarding school after notifying them that no other guardian would risk taking them in. Since there are no more guardians, there's really no use for Mr. Poe to come around. He gives them a heartfelt (and seemingly final) goodbye, wishing the children luck and bidding them farewell. However, Mr. Poe was such a significant character, we can't imagine what his absence from the next season would be like. Although, we sure won't miss that annoying coughing!

9. Who starts the fire that kills the Quagmire parents?

After escaping their kidnappers, surviving a plane crash, and fighting off multiple bad guys, the Quagmires are able to reunite with their three children. Tragically, that same evening, they perished in a fire. A dark and mysterious figure is shown launching a fireball at their home from a parked car across the street. So, we know it was arson. The question is: who committed it? Most likely, it's the same person responsible for their kidnapping — we just don't know who that is yet.

10. Who started the fire that killed the Baudelaires?

Similar to the Quagmire parents, the Baudelaire parents also perish in a fire. Two fires, two sets of parents, and multiple orphaned children cannot be a coincidence. Though it's never said outright, we're assuming that the fire that killed the Baudelaires was also arson. However, the person who started the Quagmire fire isn't necessarily the person who started the Baudelaire fire. After all, we never see the Baudelaire mansion go up in flames, only the burnt remnants.

11. Where's Jacquelyn and what's she up to?

Undercover as Mr. Poe's assistant, Jacquelyn is a VFD member who attempts to aid the children in staying safe from Count Olaf, as well as learning the truth about their parents. The last time we see her, she's on the SS Prospero threatening Count Olaf with a harpoon gun. She sends Klaus a package from Peru, but we don't what she's really doing there or if she's moved on to a new place. She seems to genuinely want to help the Baudelaires but hasn't given them any new information that may help them find out the truth. Is she trying to solve the mystery of who killed their parents? Is she working behind the scenes to stop Count Olaf? Her character isn't in the books, so we can't even read up on possible answers. This one has really left us in the dark.

12. Who is Lemony Snicket on the run from at the end of episode eight?

At the end of the last episode of the season, Lemony Snicket is seen in his room packing up a suitcase. There are sirens and mysterious voices heard from out his window, and he seems to be pretty spooked and in a hurry to escape. As the narrator, we don't really know much about Lemony, his history, or his connection to the Baudelaires and their story. However, we suspect that the persons responsible for the deaths of the Quagmire and Baudelaire parents are probably after him too. The next question is why.

13. What's Lemony's relationship with Count Olaf?

When the season concludes, the children are left in the care of the Prufrock Preparatory, a boarding school. As the scene fades out, viewers are given a glimpse of a photo of students who previously attended, including a young Count Olaf and Lemony Snicket (who seemed to be pretty chummy pals, we might add). Clearly, that's not the case anymore, so what led to the rift between them? Our best guess is Beatrice.

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