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13 Shows Like Grey's Anatomy

13 Shows Perfect For "Grey's Anatomy" Fans

13 Shows Like Grey's Anatomy
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Whether you're a relatively new fan or have been watching since the very beginning, there's definitely a lot (and by "a lot," we mean exactly 400 episodes as of May 2022) of "Grey's Anatomy" to watch. The long-running medical drama is nothing short of a phenomenon, but if you're all caught up on the exploits of Meredith Grey and wondering what to tune into next, there are plenty of shows with similar themes to "Grey's Anatomy."

It doesn't matter if you prefer "dark and twisty" dramas (think: "How to Get Away With Murder") or a medical show with a lighter (and less graphic) touch ("Hart of Dixie"), there's definitely a series — or two or three — that will serve as the perfect follow-up to a "Grey's" binge. As we prep for the return of the staff of the iconic Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for season 19 on Oct. 6, keep reading for 12 shows like "Grey's Anatomy."

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