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Slender Man Movie Trailer

In the Slender Man Trailer, the Internet's Creepiest Horror Story Comes to Life

It's been nearly a decade since Slender Man first haunted the internet on a viral creepy web forum, and now he's coming to the big screen. The film adaptation of Slender Man stars Joey King and seems to adhere to the same myth that was attached to the monster way back when it was just a scary story: he appears to have some sort of influence over children after they watch a certain internet video (a là The Ring), and is then able to make them do bad things. Like, say, stab themselves in the eye with a scalpel during science class. In a mix of other chilling horror movies that are slated for 2018, this one certainly stands out. Watch the latest trailer above before it arrives in theaters on Aug. 10.

Trailer 1:

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