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Tweets About the Bachelor Finale With Juan Pablo

What Bachelor Nation Thinks of Juan Pablo's Finale

Source: ABC

It's no secret that The Bachelor's Juan Pablo stirred up controversy this past season, and during Monday night's finale, past cast members weighed in on the buzzed-about final rose. In the season finale, viewers watched as Juan Pablo picked Nikki Ferrell after sending a frustrated Clare Crawley home. When Clare walked away in St. Lucia, she said, "What you just made me go through, I would never want my kids to have a father like you," and the live studio audience actually cheered as she left. When Juan Pablo responded with "I'm glad I didn't pick her," there were gasps.

Later, as Chris Harrison spoke with Juan Pablo and Nikki, things got tense when the host repeatedly asked Juan Pablo if he was in love and Juan Pablo didn't say one way or the other. "It wasn't about getting Juan Pablo to say he loved Nikki. It was about getting him to really say anything of substance about a woman who had professed her love for him and had hoped for a proposal from him," Chris wrote on his Entertainment Weekly blog. Juan Pablo also snapped at Chris for interrupting him, and if the live tweets are any indication, a lot of people weren't too happy about how the Bachelor handled those final moments.

Over the past couple of months, fans fell in and out of love with Juan Pablo, and it seems like Bachelor nation has mixed feelings about him too. Sean Lowe expressed his disbelief both on Twitter and on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special, while his wife, Catherine, chimed in about the in-studio awkwardness. Meanwhile, past Bachelorettes like Ali Fedotowsky, Emily Maynard, and Jillian Harris also tweeted their two cents. As Juan Pablo and Nikki move their onscreen romance into real life, take a look at how the show's community reacted to the finale of The Bachelor.

Following some Twitter backlash, Juan Pablo's pick, Nikki, responded to the negativity.

Kelly Travis, another contestant who vied for Juan Pablo's affection, showed her support for Nikki.

More support came from Molly Mesnick, who married Jason Mesnick of The Bachelor after he sent her home.

Past Bachelor Sean Lowe was not too impressed with how things turned out.

Sean's wife, Catherine Lowe, wasn't very into this season, either.

Arie Luyendyk Jr., a contestant from Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette, linked up with Clare while in the studio.

Trista Sutter, the first leading lady on The Bachelorette, got candid about Juan Pablo.

Ali Fedotowsky, another star of The Bachelorette, didn't like how he handled things either.

Ditto for The Bachelorette's Jillian Harris.

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