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This Is Us Season 2 "Number One" Episode Reactions

Even the This Is Us Cast Couldn't Handle Kevin's Heartbreaking Episode

Warning: spoilers for This Is Us ahead.

This Is Us warned fans that the next three episodes would be absolutely devastating, and they weren't kidding. During Tuesday night's "Number One," the first in a trilogy about the Big Three, Kevin Pearson goes to his darkest place yet as he battles with his addiction to painkillers. While it's hard to watch such a beloved character spin out of control, the emotional scenes bring out some of Justin Hartley's best acting as he delivers a heartbreaking speech on Kevin's high school football field.

Just when we think Kevin has finally hit rock bottom, he hits a new low as he steals prescription notes from a doctor he hooked up with to buy more painkillers. He almost goes through with it when he realizes he actually left the necklace his father gave him at her house. While he breaks down on her front porch, begging her to return the necklace, we couldn't help but break down crying, too. As if that scene isn't devastating enough, This Is Us then hit us with another gut-wrenching twist during the final five minutes: Kate lost her baby.

As we wait to learn more about Kate's story next week, see all the reactions people had to that emotional episode below, including the cast.

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