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What Are the Best Book to Movie and TV Adaptations?

7 Screen Adaptations That Are Better Than the Book, According to Your Favorite Authors

What Are the Best Book to Movie and TV Adaptations?
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If there's something all avid readers can agree on, it's that the book is always better than the movie. Don't fight us on this. There are intricacies and internal monologues that can only be conveyed on the written page, and plot points that aren't feasible due to budget, time constraints, or a combination of the two. However, there are those rare anomalies where the adaptation can hold its own, and dare we say it . . . might be better? Don't take it from us, but from the bestselling authors who have been there, done that.

At a POPSUGAR Play/Ground panel, seven superstar authors spoke about the process of adapting their novels for the screen. From Sara Shepard's seven-year run with Pretty Little Liars (and your soon-to-be obsession The Elizas) to the groundbreaking fantasy novel, Children of Blood and Bone, by recent Harvard grad Tomi Adeyemi that has already been acquired by FOX, these women know a thing or two about going from printing press to cinematic masterpiece. So, when they're watching instead of reading, we're taking note. Read on for their favorite screen adaptations of the books they hold near and dear.

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