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When Will We Find Out If Glenn Is Dead on The Walking Dead?

OK, Now The Walking Dead Is Just Plain F*cking With Us

You see that walker in that picture up there? He's a representation of how I'm assuming all of us fans of The Walking Dead feel on the inside: dead as f*ck. That's because it's been more than three weeks since the fated episode in which Glenn Rhee appears to die, and we still don't know for sure if he made it or not.

Oh, I've spent plenty of time thinking about it. In fact, it's pretty much all I think about. At first, I thought of plenty of reasons that insured his survival. There was just no way he could possibly be dead . . . and yet. As time has chipped away, I've seen signs that suggest otherwise. The past few episodes have eroded away my feeble, misguided optimism, and now I'm seeing how he really might be dead after all. But the worst part, of course, is that the three episodes since haven't yielded anything close to an answer.

The week after Glenn's "death" sequence (those scare-quotes are us daring to hope against hope), we got a 90-minute episode detailing how Morgan goes off the deep end, makes a friend, learns some sick combat skills, and finds his way to Alexandria. It's admittedly a pretty solid episode, but . . . sorry, you just can't dedicate 90 minutes to Morgan when we need answers about Glenn. I don't care about Morgan that much. I just don't.

After that, we go to check in on Alexandria to see the whole aftermath of the attack. Which, like, fine.

Finally, this past week, we follow Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham as they deal with a few nightmares on the road. Sure, glad they're safe, whatever. WHERE'S GLENN? The worst part is, the creators know exactly what they're doing. They're playing with our hearts, doing shady things like dropping Steven Yeun's name from the opening credits, but still building hope each week that we might finally know, for certain, if we've lost one of the show's most beloved characters. And every week, when the time comes, they laugh in our faces.

With two episodes left in 2015, I'm looking forward to the coming weeks, hoping still to get the whole story. And let's just say, if we have to wait until 2016 to find out what the deal is, I don't know what I'll do to maintain what little hold on my sanity I have left.

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