Presenting Nearly 2 Straight Minutes of Alexis Rose's "Boops" on Schitt's Creek

CBC celebrated Annie Murphy's birthday this year in the best way possible: by compiling every single one of Alexis Rose's "boops" on Schitt's Creek into a glorious montage video. Shared on Dec. 19, the supercut features clips from all six seasons of the beloved series cobbled together in chronological order, making for quite the bittersweet trip down memory lane.

Booping someone's nose with her index finger is Alexis's unique way of showing affection, and she pulls the signature move on everyone from David Rose and Patrick Brewer to Stevie Budd and Ted Mullens. Perhaps the most heartwarming boop of them all comes in the series finale when Alexis lightly taps David's nose before walking him down the aisle at his wedding. Watch the entire compilation above, then relive Alexis's top 10 funniest moments from Schitt's Creek afterward if you're still in the mood to feel like a Hollywood star.