3 Cryptic Hints Ryan Murphy Has Dropped About American Horror Story Season 7

It should come as no surprise that American Horror Story's seventh season remains shrouded in mystery. Sure, we've sunk our teeth into the handful of spare details, and we have a line in on the preliminary cast, but that's where we hit a wall. As is custom for AHS fans, we just have to wait until Ryan Murphy decides to tell us things. Now that the showrunner has officially joined Instagram, it seems we've found a new hot spot for the latest and most cryptic hints. It all started with that insane snap from earlier this month, but it seems like things are just getting started. Here's what we've seen.


The Scary Elephant Man

The most unsettling aspect of this thing is we can't tell if it's human. It could just be a person in a mask, like Twisty the Clown. As you know, though, Ryan Murphy has also included some pretty unnerving monsters on AHS. Consider the Minotaur from Coven, the horrifying basement demon-baby thing from Murder House, and the Addiction Demon from Hotel.

Whether this thing is actually a creature or a person in a mask, it's clear it will factor heavily in the season, and almost surely in a quite unwholesome way.


Another Maniac?!

Murphy pitched this one as a "red, white and blue clue." Many fans in the comments suggested this might be Evan Peters's character, but there's no way of knowing. Here's what we're wondering: is this person working with the scary elephant thing? Is this person wearing the elephant mask? If we have two psychopaths on the loose, it's going to get real.

As a bonus theory, it's interesting that the elephant thing has red lips, and this guy has blue hair. There's got to be some sort of Democrat/Republican symbolism at play here. Just some food for thought.


The Elusive Billie Lourd

We know next to nothing about Billie Lourd's character, but Ryan Murphy has assured us that her work is incredible. He also says "Winter is coming" in the caption. Was it just a fun joke, or a blatant Game of Thrones reference?! What could the two have in common? Is Lourd going to play a khaleesi or an ice queen?! Time will tell, but we have a feeling she's going to be a huge part of the season.