Anitta Makes History at the VMAs as First Brazilian Artist to Win Best Latin Award

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Anitta made history on Aug. 28 at the MTV VMAs. Following a performance of her hit song "Envolver" on Sunday, the artist accepted the best Latin award, presented by Ashley Graham. The "La Loto" singer's win marks the first time a Brazilian artist has taken home the best Latin award in the award show's 38-year history. Past winners include Aventura in 2010, Daddy Yankee in 2013, Rosalía and J Balvin in 2019, Maluma in 2020, and more. In shock over her win, Anitta took a few moments to compose herself as fans cheered her on in congratulations.

"I was born and raised in the ghetto of Brazil, and for whoever was born there, we would never [have thought] this was possible."

"I really wasn't expecting that. I think I'm going to cry," Anitta began her speech. "I just want to say, for whoever doesn't know this, tonight is [history-making]. It's the first time Brazil has been here. It's the first time anyone from my country has ever won an award like [this], and I just want to say thank you to my family and my fans. Tonight I performed a rhythm that, for many years in my country, was considered a crime. I was born and raised in the ghetto of Brazil, and for whoever was born there, we would never [have thought] this was possible. Thank you so much."

Halfway through her sultry onstage performance, Anitta addressed the crowd, saying, "VMAs, did you think I wasn't going to shake my ass tonight?" Seconds later, the "Dançarina" singer was backed by a group of dancers who joined her in moving to a funky dance beat. The street-dancing rhythm was criminalized in Brazil for many years, and discussions about prohibiting the music again have been circulating in recent years. But Anitta's expert choreography and moves were met with roaring applause by fans, making her win all the more meaningful.

Following her speech, Anitta met up with Entertainment Tonight to reflect on the history-making moment. "I'm going to put it in my bed. I'm going to sleep with it," she said of her Moon Person statue. "We're making history tonight. It's the first time my country [won] an award like that. The funk part that I did at the end of my performance, the rhythm was literally considered a crime for so many years. Being able to come here, to perform it, it was so special, and I'm so happy."

Watch Anitta's full performance at the MTV VMAs here.

Anitta's "Envolver" Performance at the MTV VMAs