Ariana Grande Just Casually Dropped the "In My Head" Music Video, and We Are NOT OK

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Surprise! Ariana Grande just dropped the music video for "In My Head" out of the blue, and goodness gracious, could she have at least warned us before blessing us with these gorgeous visuals? Released on Vogue's YouTube channel in tandem with Ariana's August cover story for the publication, the video shows the 26-year-old singer rocking her signature long ponytail and thigh-high boots while strutting and dancing around an empty white room meant to represent her own mind. There's no fancy-schmancy scenery or backup dancers — unless you count the various disembodied shoes and ponytails prominently featured throughout, that is.

Whereas the sexy closeup shots are somewhat reminiscent of similar shots captured in her "7 Rings" music video, the use of a stark, vacant room is giving us flashbacks to Missy Elliot's 1997 video for "The Rain," in the best way possible. Watch the entire '90s-inspired "In My Head" music video above to see Ariana looking as gorgeous as ever while singing about heartbreak.