6 Intriguing Facts About The Bachelor's Lauren Maddox

There can be no doubt about it: Lauren Maddox is one of the most impressive and accomplished contestants on this season of The Bachelor. She's a refreshing kind of contestant who seems to avoid any major drama (so far) and knows exactly what she wants out of life and a relationship, and we absolutely applaud that! What else do we know about Lauren? That's what we're here to find out! If the Miami-based contestant is one of your early favorites, keep reading to find out some of the most interesting facts we know about her at this point in the season.


She Embraces Those Miami Vibes

Lauren happily shares those colorful, sunny Miami moments all over her Instagram, with tons of shots of her in beautiful vistas with equally beautiful outfits.


She Loves Christmas!

In her official ABC bio, Lauren reveals one very relatable fun fact: she loves Christmas. Or, to be more specific, "[she] lives for the Christmas season!"


She's an Accomplished Attorney

No funny job titles here: Lauren is a proud and accomplished attorney, working in corporate law. She's even had her law reviews published.


She Loves Laid-Back Hobbies With Her Friends

According to her ABC bio, Lauren "enjoys fashion, going to the beach, working out and spending time with her girlfriends in their book club." Her Instagram is packed full of the proof, too, with tons of enviable snapshots taken at fun events with her friends and hanging out on the beach.


She's a Proud Dog Mom

In April 2020, Lauren introduced the world to her new fur baby, Jet, on her Instagram. The adorable pup is a gray French bulldog, and he's absolutely awww-worthy!

Lauren also wants a family someday — it's one of the most important things to her, in fact. "She needs a mature family man that is on the same page. Not wanting to have kids is a major deal breaker for Lauren," her official ABC bio reads.


She's Looking For Her Best Friend

In her official bio, Lauren reveals that the most important thing to her is finding her soulmate in her best friend. "She says that none of the guys she has dated in the past have truly been her best friend, and she's hoping to change that here with Matt."