We Want to Live Inside These Behind-the-Scenes Veronica Mars Pictures

The release of the Veronica Mars movie is finally here, and it has us waxing nostalgic for the TV show. We're also so excited about the film that we've dug up a ton of awesome behind-the-scenes pictures of last year's shoot, plus other fun moments the cast has been having leading up to the big release!

. . . Aaand action!

Jason Dohring and Ryan Hansen (aka Logan and Dick) celebrated Valentine's Day with their character-specific conversation hearts.

Kristen Bell and Percy Daggs III hugged it out when they reunited to play onscreen BFFs Veronica and Wallace.

This shot of Ryan Hansen, taken by costar (and fantastic photographer) Chris Lowell, has us on team Dick.

Kristen Bell and Tina Majorino (aka Mac) filmed the Neptune High reunion scene.

I love that Bell and Hansen are much better buddies off screen than their characters are on screen.

Got room on that motorcycle for one more?

Veronica looks pensive.

Dohring and Majorino caught up between scenes.

It's the onscreen couple's thrones!

And there's Jason Dohring's chair.

They may not have gotten along in high school, but behind the scenes, Majorino bonded with Amanda Noret, who plays Madison Sinclair.

Could Sacks and Veronica be allies this time around?

If this isn't the most fun cast, I don't know who is.

The cast shot a scene in what looks like the sheriff's office.

OK, Team Logan forever.

Mac and Wallace are superintense.

Veronica takes it all in. Source: Instagram user mrchrislowell

"No one broods like Kristen broods," Lowell wrote. Source: Instagram user mrchrislowell

No idea what Daggs is doing here. Source: Instagram user mrchrislowell

Veronica and Logan, back together! Or, at least in the same vicinity. Source: Instagram user mrchrislowell

Veronica with a smile on her face! We love it. Source: Instagram user mrchrislowell

Aren't these guys the cutest? Source: Instagram user mrchrislowell

Aw, the ex-boyfriend and the dad, sharing a laugh. Source: Instagram user mrchrislowell