"The Last of Us" Stars Storm Reid and Bella Ramsey Hit Back at Homophobes: "Don't Like It, Don't Watch"

"The Last of Us" stars Bella Ramsey and Storm Reid don't have time to worry about homophobic trolls. In the seventh episode of "The Last of Us," released Feb. 26, fans see a flashback to Ellie (Ramsey) just before she's bitten. She spends time at an abandoned mall with her friend Riley (Reid), and the pair kiss — before being attacked by a zombie. The episode's plot comes right out of the video game the show is based on, where Ellie is also a lesbian.

Talking to Variety together in an episode published Feb. 26, Reid had this to say about homophobes who have criticized the show: "I think Bella put it perfectly a couple of weeks ago: 'If you don't like it, don't watch.'" She continued, "There's so many other things to worry about in the world. I think being concerned about who people love is just absurd to me. I just don't — I will never understand it. I don't get it."

Reid added, "I think despite what people are going to say, if they don't like it, I think there are going to be a lot more people that appreciate it. A lot more people that feel represented and seen and heard. So that's what matters. That's where the work comes in. And that's when it's appreciated, and you prioritize looking at those tweets rather than the ones that aren't the best."

Ramsey, who's gender fluid, also talked about the anti-LGBTQ+ backlash in a Feb. 13 interview with British GQ. They said of the negative response, "I'm not particularly anxious about it." They continued, "I know people will think what they want to think. But they're gonna have to get used to it. If you don't want to watch the show because it has gay storylines, because it has a trans character, that's on you, and you're missing out." They added that they're too defiant to be afraid.

The seventh episode is the second of the series that focuses on an LGBTQ+ storyline. Episode three told the story of Bill and Frank, played by Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett. Amidst the chaos of the fungal apocalypse, the pair fall in love and build a beautiful life together. After the episode air, Offerman responded to a homophobic troll on Twitter, writing, "Buddy, your brand of ignorance and hate is exactly why we make stories like this."

"The Last of Us" airs new episodes on Sundays.