10 America's Got Talent Auditions That'll Send Your Jaw Straight to the Floor

Whether you started watching America's Got Talent back in 2006 or you're brand new to the show, one thing's for certain: there's no shortage of talented people to go around. What we love about the show is that we get to see people of all talents and ages, with really unique stories, too. There are singers, magicians, dancers, puppeteers — you name it. We've rounded up 10 of the best America's Got Talent auditions of all time, from Kenichi Ibana's iconic performance from 2007 to Kodi Lee's incredible performance that rocked the whole country. Be warned — goosebumps ahead.

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Kenichi Ebina (Season 8)

There's dance and then there's Kenichi Ebina's Matrix-inspired performance, which included bits of martial arts and miming, as well. The audition was the perfect combination of unexpected and unique. Ebina ended up winning the entire competition — and a nice chunk of cash, of course.

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Freckled Sky (Season 10)

Dance duo Freckled Sky combined dance, lighting, and water for a performance so unique, Howard Stern hit the Magic Buzzer to send them to the quarter finals. Today, the duo continues to perform. Most recently, Freckled Sky used its water projection performance as part of Pink's performance at the 2019 Brit Awards.

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Grace VanderWaal (Season 11)

When 12-year-old ukulele-player Grace VanderWaal performed an original song called "I Don't Know My Name," she received a standing ovation from the judges — and the entire auditorium. Howie Mandel hit the Golden Buzzer, and Grace won the season's whole competition. Flash-forward to today and VanderWaal has two albums, has toured with Imagine Dragons, and has over three million Instagram followers.

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Mandy Harvey (Season 12)

Mandy Harvey performed an original song called "Try," inspiring Simon Cowell to send her straight to the quarterfinals with the Golden Buzzer. Mandy lost her hearing at the age of 18 from a connective tissues disorder, but she didn't let that stop her from fulfilling her dreams as a singer and songwriter.

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Light Balance (Season 12)

As far as unique talents go, this dance group named Light Balance certainly knows how to put on a show. Tyra Banks gave 'em a Golden Buzzer for their audition, which was both trippy and insanely creative. The dancers wore light-up costumes and used visual effects to make you feel like you were watching a music video rather than a real-life performance.

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Angelica Hale (Season 12)

Nine-year-old Angelica Hale performed Andra Day's "Rise Up," earning a standing ovation (and some tears) from all of the judges and the whole audience. "I have a feeling we may be looking at a star in the future," said Simon Cowell. He wasn't wrong — she's dropping her first album really soon.

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Zurcaroh Acrobatic (Season 13)

This acrobatic performance from Zurcaroh Acrobatic is so next-level, you'll find yourself holding your breath during the high-flying acts and then clapping along when they're pulled off impeccably. At one point, one of the performers is used as a human jump rope, and quite frankly, it's an audition everyone needs to see. Tyra Banks was a fan — she was the one who hit the Golden Buzzer.

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Courtney Hadwin (Season 13)

Thirteen-year-old Courtney Hadwin's America's Got Talent audition was so unexpected that you could see the jaw-dropping reaction from several different audience members. Hadwin was shy and nervous when introducing herself, but she broke out into her own rendition (song and dance) of Otis Redding's "Hard to Handle" that left everyone going crazy. Howie Mandel hit the Golden Buzzer with no hesitations.

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Tyler Butler-Figueroa (Season 14)

Eleven-year-old violin player Tyler Butler-Figueroa was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 4, and children at school bullied him for being sick. He discovered the violin, and it helped him "forget the bad stuff." He stunned the audience when he played Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" on the violin. Simon Cowell proceeded to give him the Golden Buzzer.

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Kodi Lee (Season 14)

And of course, we can't leave out the Golden Buzzer-worthy performance from Kodi Lee that left everyone in the country talking. Lee is blind, autistic, and a musical prodigious savant. We can't wait to follow along with him and his journey on America's Got Talent.