34 Lyrics From Queens That'll Make You Feel Like a Badass

The next best thing to actually listening to Butter Pecan (Nadine E. Velázquez), Da Thrill (Naturi Naughton), Professor Sex (Eve), and Xplicit Lyrics (Brandy) spit dope rhymes every week on Queens? Trying to recite them the next day. In addition to hearing classic '90s hits like DMX's "Ruff Ryders' Anthem" and "Feel So Good" by Mase, fans are treated to original songs in each episode. Because Queens stars music industry legends like Brandy and Eve, we expect nothing less from a musical drama series about a reunited '90s all-female hip-hop group trying to reclaim their throne as the Nasty B*tches. And now with Remy Ma joining the cast as Lady Z, we couldn't be more excited! Read on for just some of the many hardcore lyrics that'll make you feel like an honorary member of the Nasty B*tches squad.

Naomi, aka Xplicit Lyrics

Naomi, aka Xplicit Lyrics

  • "This is queens madness, rep my borough thorough as men / And when it comes to the paper, they wanna borrow my pen."
  • "Foes who underestimate, they bow to my toes / The crown is all mine, ain't no thorns in my roses."
  • "All the secrets of the past, let 'em burn into ash / And every bad memory, I'ma turn into cash."
  • "This cinnamon skin goddess is all about her dividends / Try to keep me at rock bottom, I show you who Xplicit is / Viciousness."
  • "This is embarssin,' mass murder, harassment, I'm the advocate / No one can fathom this nasty b*tch flow with the arrogance."
  • "Road to success all paved in rose gold / The cold world spins, I heat it up like a stove."
Jill, aka Da Thrill

Jill, aka Da Thrill

  • "Play your cards right and you can stay for dinner / Got confessions like Usher, turnin' saints to sinners."
  • "Me and my girls, uh / Diamonds and pearls, uh / Don't pull my hair unless you payin' for the curls, uh."
  • "Gimmie a rule and I'ma break it like a bone / Knucklehead, thoroughbred, leader of the globe / Bag a rude boy and skinny dip in his cologne / The chocolate chick, lick me and leave me alone."
  • "I was born to the pulpit then became a prisoner / Now I break the shackles and become my own minister."
  • "In my church, sometimes vodka's the holy water / And the offering plates got millions, I'm no longer preacher's daughter".
  • "They wanted the monster home, I'm better off on my own / Jill will never bow down, too high up on the throne."
  • "And I'm a real savage / I gotta go ham wit it / Madison Square at the Garden / That means I'm putting on a show / That means I ain't putting on clothes / That means I'm showing up high heels on with my sex drive on high speed / Naked up under a trench coat."
Briaana, aka Professor Sex

Briaana, aka Professor Sex

  • "After everything I gave you, cooked for you, bathed you / I was every woman and I never woulda played you / But too bad, you lost the best you ever had / And I'm still fly, I bring the beach to the sand."
  • "Face so pretty baby, body full of curves / If he can't handle the speed, I kick em to the curb."
  • "Just gimme mine quick 'cause these bitches gotta eat, yes / 109th to South road, shorty leave your sheets wet / Coulda went to Harvard so you still 'gon gimmie respect."
  • "More money, more dudes, tryna holla at a scholar / Not a push over ever, I'm a rider for my dollars."
  • "My ring is on the nightstand while I'm at the night club / Just as a reminder of what a good wife was."
  • "All artists that gold ain't tarnished, I'm polished and heavy / My knowledge is deadly, lyrically a problem, I'll demolish your petty."
  • "Mama bear and my babies are my blessings / As a defendant, my testimony is let's get the women back their voices / Vote for pro-choices / My body, my rules / You can't avoid this."
Valeria, aka Butter Pecan

Valeria, aka Butter Pecan

  • "I really, really work my body, sittin' in my Bugatti / Chillin while I'm killin', hibachi drippin' Versace."
  • "I could do the shoppin' myself with blank checks / You pull up with the Rolls-Royce, I pull up with the jet."
  • "I made it outta hell, I'm Cinderella for real / Now hold my umbrella, it's rainin' a 100 mil."
  • "I pull up with the princess cuts on the baguettes / I pull up with the Louis luggage, I made it a set."
  • "Ayo, I'm top model, please clear the runway / Dress so fly, you can call me Easter Sunday."
  • "Used to have no phone, ran the streets wild / Now I'm on G4s, pilot on speed dial."
  • "Get what I want, never think about the cost / Nasty b*tch, nah, you can call me the boss."
  • "Mi vida esta estable pero esas cosas son obvias / Una mujer independiente / Puesta pal progreso / Sin que importe lo que me diga la gente."
  • "Inteligencia, presencia, marco la diferencia / Abuso sin utilizar violencia / Es que no hay metodos ni ciencia / Por que Dios no se equivoca / Ja / Lo mío no es coincidencia"
Zadie, aka Lady Z

Zadie, aka Lady Z

  • "It's obvious / Who's the queen and who the coward is / It's no stopping this / See my tone is really ominous / Dominant / Put you where the garbage is /Hit you where ya wallet is."
  • "Now it's time for... HERstory / To change HIStory / Xplicit sent for me / And I had an epiphany / I could see it vividly / Me having the victory / 20 years later still keeping the same energy."
  • "Can't mention female rap and don't mention me / Over charge for the Cold Crush and what they did to me / Was livin' in infamy / I'm a woman of dignity / Hold the torch for all my girls / Lady liberty."
  • "I'm not a victim, I'm a victor / This what a survivor looks like / Now take a picture."
  • "It's like all my mistreatment / Became my biggest weakness / But then I told my girls / Together they helped me defeat it / And now we all stronger 'cause it's no longer a secret / No apology needed / Your 'sorry,' can keep it / Now you're exposed for who you really are / Mission completed!"