Stop What You're Doing and SLAM the Play Button on Saweetie's Best Songs

Question for the room: Why is Saweetie not on any of your Summer music playlists yet? The 26-year-old rapper is relatively new on the scene, though she's been making music since she was a teenager, and was officially able to make a name for herself when her song "Icy Grl" went viral last year. Now, with two EPs and yet another huge hit under her belt, Saweetie has basically proven that she's a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. And if you don't believe me, you can judge for yourself.

Read ahead to check out some of Saweetie's best songs, and just try not to twerk in your seat while you listen.

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"My Type"

If this isn't a Hot Girl anthem, then I don't know what is. The only thing better than the song itself is its accompanying music video, which sees Saweetie casually twerking on top of a basketball hoop.

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"Icy Grl"

In her breakout hit, Saweetie confidently freestyles about making money, rising to fame, and "eating fettuccine pasta with the scallops and the lobsters" over the original beat of rapper Khia's "My Neck, My Back."

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In "B.A.N.," the rapper sends a feisty message to an unfaithful ex-boyfriend and vows to move on to bigger and better things without him.

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This one's a track about Saweetie's haters and everyone else who's "pissed" to see her winning.

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"Good Good"

If a "You up?" text were a song, it'd basically be "Good Good." In the song, the rapper flows about "pulling up" on a longtime crush after a night out and finally, uh, sealing the deal.

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"High Maintenance"

Over the beat of the Ying Yang Twins' "Bounce That A**," Saweetie uses the 50-second track to explain to any potential suitors out there that she's a little high maintenance and needs a man who'll be able to keep up with her spending habits.

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"Emotional" Feat. Quavo

Speaking of her high-maintenance nature, it's a good thing she's found love with Migos rapper Quavo. In their collaboration, the equally iced-out rappers gush over each other and their relationship.

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"Too Many"

Saweetie adds some vocals to "Too Many," a slow-jam about being taken advantage of in past friendships and relationships.

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"Tip Toes"

Her second collaboration with Quavo is a little less . . . emotional, as the rappers use "Tip Toes" to gas each other up and prove why they're basically a match made in heaven.

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In "23," the rapper flows about suddenly missing an old flame.

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"Icy Grl" feat. Kehlani (Bae Mix)

If you like "Icy Grl," then you'll love the remix with fellow Bay Area native, Kehlani.