Rainn Wilson Challenged Billie Eilish to a Round of Office Trivia, and Wow, She Nailed It

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Billie Eilish just sealed her status as The Office's biggest fan with a little help from none other than Dwight Schrute. Actor Rainn Wilson, who portrays Dunder Mifflin's assistant (to the) regional manager in the NBC series, stopped by Eilish's house to put her Scranton knowledge to the test — and lets just say the fact that she's seen the show 12 times through definitely showed. Although the 17-year-old singer got a bit stumped on a few of Wilson's trivia questions, she still managed to correctly answer a boatload of random queries about Michael Scarn's robot butler, Angela Martin's cats, Toby Flenderson's daughter, and every random moment and quote in between. Watch the video above to see if you can ace the test as well as Eilish did (and to see the funny nickname Wilson gave her!).