Fans Caught a Mistake on Bridgerton We're Sure the Queen Would Find Most Displeasing

With all of the luscious scenery and costumes of Regency-era England to look at on Netflix's Bridgerton, it was only a matter of time before eagle-eyed fans spotted the modern outliers. Shot primarily in Bath and mansions across the English countryside, those familiar with the locations in question were quick to point out things like modern yellow "no parking" lines, manhole covers, and a black and white Primark poster featuring the image of a smiling man.

Overall, the production team did an excellent job of transporting the audience into the early 1800s, with only those really looking for the mistakes being able to find them. "We're not a historical show," production designer Will Hughes-Jones told O. "We're storytellers. We want to be historically accurate, but if it's not accurate to the storyline, then we reassess." Sure, we're not positive Queen Charlotte would crown them the diamond of the season, but we appreciate the work put into every scene! If you're wondering just how hard it is to spot the mistakes, why not check out the Primark poster in the GIF below.