I Have Never Laughed Harder Than I Did Watching Cardi B Try Ballet in Her New Series

Cardi B may be one of the biggest superstars in the world nowadays, but just like everyone else, there are some things she's never gotten to do in life. So the Grammy-winning rapper is determined to embark on new adventures with her series Cardi Tries.

The Facebook series marks Cardi's return to reality TV and allows fans to watch as the "WAP" rapper tries a plethora of new things outside of her usual skill set, including stunt car driving, being a firefighter, and, the subject of the debut episode, becoming a ballerina for the day. Throughout the series, Cardi will be aided by actors, athletes, and other professionals that dabble in said skill like Grey's Anatomy's Debbie Allen, who is featured in the first episode as Cardi's ballet teacher.

The episodes are less than 20 minutes long, but if the rest are like the first, they're bound to be hilarious. Cardi is her usual candid self and she quickly proves that having moves doesn't mean much when it comes to the rigorous technique necessary for ballet. At one point, she likens dropping down into a plié to giving birth! In the end, Cardi gets to show off what she's learned and I am officially hooked. New episodes of Cardi Tries will drop Thursdays starting today through Feb. 4, and fans can watch in real time over video calls with friends on Instagram and Facebook Messenger via the app's new Watch Together feature.