Deadpool Nails an Interpretive Dance Routine With Celine Dion in Epic New Music Video

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On Thursday, Celine Dion debuted her new song and music video on Good Morning America, but nothing could've prepared us for the greatness that is this video. Take everything you know about Dion's unparalleled talent, combine it with Deadpool's ruthless antics, throw in a pair of heels and some interpretive dancing, and prepare to be blown away. The song "Ashes" is from the Deadpool 2 soundtrack, and it's as entertaining as it is graceful.

Dion is joined by Deadpool on stage, where their performance easily ranks an 11 out of 10, much to Deadpool's dissatisfaction (he'd prefer around a five). Following the release of the video, the Canadian singer shared a sweet message on Twitter, writing how fun this project was. If only we could fill one of the many open seats in the video's auditorium!