Chad Michael Murray Returned to THE Bridge on One Tree Hill, and Oh My God, the Nostalgia

Chad Michael Murray hasn't played Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill since 2012, but his love for the character is still very much alive. The actor recently returned to the bridge in Wilmington, NC, where it all began, and our nostalgia is going into overdrive! Murray hasn't lost his touch, and managed to perfectly recreate Lucas's head-down, hands-in-pocket, moody stance from the opening credits of the show. The only thing missing from this picture is a basketball and Gavin DeGraw's "I Don't Want to Be."

He captioned the photo, "I returned to the place it all started. Feels like yesterday . . . OK, maybe not. It feels like 15 years ago I walked this bridge for the 1st time. I'm so humbled and grateful that so so so many of you went on the adventure along with us — and still do today. Much love to you friends!" He even added the hashtag #TheBridgeThatGuidedUsAllTogether, and now we're definitely crying. Never change, Lucas Scott. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to rewatch all nine seasons on Hulu.